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Summary on “Maikel Nabil Sanad” Case

Important notice: The article isn’t up-to-date and too many developments happened. Refer to for the latest developments and updates

The activist, the first Egyptian conscientious objector and the first political prisoner after the beginning of 25 January revolution, “Maikel Nabil Sanad”, has been arrested in 28 March, 2011 at night from his home. He has been militarily tried.
Maikel has been moved to the military court immediately and he didn’t even have a chance to inform his family or friends.
He was only able to call his brother secretly by a phone of a recruit and told him that he he was going to be tried after a few hours and he doesn’t know what exactly is he accused of.
Friends of Maikel telephoned “El-Nadeem Center for Torture Victims Rehabilitation” to send him a lawyer. The lawyer was told that Maikel isn’t there and they don’t know anything about that name. Later the activists and relatives knew that it was a deceit attempt from the Military Court.

Maikel is a pacifist political activist and a blogger who founded “No for Compulsory Military Service Movement” and he wrote later an article to bring the military mask off and show how it is involved in torturing activists and protesters as well as making virginity tests for female protesters.

Maikel was sentenced for three years in prison with hard labor and maximum security for the charge of insulting the military institution, as well as the charge of publishing false information about the army. The sentence was issued after deceiving the lawyer, the activists and relatives that the trial was postponed two days later. The proof for the charges was from the article he wrote. Maikel didn’t insult the Minister of Defense, Tantawi, he only criticized his political role. Maikel wrote about factual incidents made by the army.

Maikel was later moved from the Military Prison to El-Marg prison at Qalyubia. He is being harassed by many means inside the prison. He is denied his right to be examined by a doctor, while he’s in great need for examination because of his weak health and a chronic illness in his blood pressure which affects his heart.

Food provided by prison is very limited and very bad, so his brother has to buy him food on a regular basis and carries it with him each time he manages to visit Maikel.

Maikel’s belongings were stolen from him in prison, his food was destroyed by who work inside prison in order to force him to eat of the prison food which they add drugs on, while it harms Maikel’s blood pressure to eat of the drugged food. Maikel was forced to be locked with serious criminals in a disciplinary ward where terrorists are held. Prisoners there threatened him many times. After making a hunger and a medicine strike, he was later moved to solitary confinement. In the end, he was allowed to be moved to the “public money” ward, locked with less serious criminals. People in charge of the prison warn other prisoners from talking with Maikel, or else they would be punished, making Maikel feel abandoned most of the time.

In El-Marg prison, there exist systematic insults and torturing by the people in charge in prison, adding up to some prisoners’ danger.

Maikel is denied his right to buy newspapers from within prison. Letters sent to him are read by people in charge of prison and almost never given to him. The only way Maikel could know what’s happening in the world is by the limited newspapers which his brother buys for him, giving him them whenever he manages to visit him. Maikel also often asks his brother to get him books. Most of the times, Maikel is prevented from receiving books or newspapers from his brother.

Despite his countless requests, his friends and relatives’ demands, Maikel is always denied the right to be examined by a doctor.
In the last visit to Maikel by his family and friends, they learned that his body is full of allergies because of mites in prison where he sleeps and dirty water in which he showers. Also, Maikel seemed to be extremely fatigued.

After the 18 day-protest from 25 January which led Mubarak to step-down, the prisons allowed prisoners who didn’t flee to have weekly visits, instead of one visit per two weeks. That was being applied to all new prisoners. Maikel was later prevented from having one visit per week and instead one visit per two weeks, for no reason. His visitors weren’t even warned or informed and they once tried to visit him, only to be surprised after hours of interrogation that they are prevented and that Maikel visits have become limited to once per two weeks.
Maikel knew that he may be transferred to a farther prison leading to disallowing him from having visitors.

The Military Court prevented Maikel from making an appeal, by claiming that they didn’t receive the announcement from prison for almost a month wasting Maikel’s chance for an appeal in a period of no longer than 60 days after the ratification of the ruling. The Military Court asked his brother to get the announcement from prison while the prison was commanded by the Military Court not to give the announcement to him. After activists announced making a stand-in in front of El-Marg prison, the Military Court allowed the prison to let an officer go with his brother to the Military Court with the announcement, in order to ask for the repeal. Up till now, after weeks from asking for an appeal, the Military Court didn’t set a date for the session.

In 30 July, 2 journalists were arrested at El-Marg prison because they were covering Maikel’s story. They were only released after burning their film and forcing them to sign a document that it’s a militarist area, while prisons in Egypt are civilian areas!

Note: The military intelligence arrested Maikel Nabil many times before and threatened him because of his conscientious objection to compulsory military recruitment, because of his pacifist beliefs which prevent him from holding a weapon.
A few months ago he had been given his exemption certificate after a very wide publishing of his case nationally and internationally, after he was arrested in a kidnap style from his home.
The last time he had been arrested was by the army in 4 February 2011 while he was leaving Tahrir Square.

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The Military Judicature… A Song and Dance!

The original article was posted at Free Maikel Nabil Sanad in Arabic

* Some of my friends asked me to write about the statements of Lieutenant “Adel Morsi” the chief of the Military Judicature Body, which was published in Ahram on 1 May, 2011… However, after a while I decided not to make the standard of my writings down to that extent; before I was arrested by days, I was writing an article criticizing in it Shimon Peres the president of the state of Israel and Binjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister. At that period, also, I was publishing sensitive information about the American Central Intelligence Agency, which was the information in which the American Minister of Defense came in a quick visit to Egypt to prevent its circulation… So, why would I occupy my mind with a person who we didn’t hear about before the revolution and is going to disappear from sight forever as soon as the army gets back to its barracks?
* Maybe the only comment I have on the “Adel Morsi” subject is, I laughed out loud while reading it… The man says that the army doesn’t try anyone because of his ideas or opinions, then he said that no one was arrested from his house, then continues the comedy strongly saying that I was tried for my charged “slandering the armed forces and disrupting the public security” even though I was tried for my charge “publishing rumors and insulting the army”… Man, you made me laugh!

Translation in process. Check again later…

Maikel Nabil Writes from Prison: How to Help Maikel Nabil in Prison?

The original article was posted at Free Maikel Nabil Sanad in Arabic and is also posted in English

The best thing at crisis times is that they make you clearly see your loyal friends. Every crisis I passed through in my life exposed to me the core of people around me… I can say that I’m very happy with the loyal friends who are standing by me in my battle, from various nationalities, ages, religions, ideologies and types. All of them are exerting almost daily efforts so that I be free again… I thank them all and I’m aware that words can’t express my appreciation to their loyalty, but I’m sure that after I get out I would earn a new big family that I belong.
The points that I would talk about now are some things which people can participate with, so that we would be able to manage a successful battle, contributing in a way to my freedom and in another way to prevent the military establishment from repeating the same suppression with anyone else.

1- Helping me to distribute my articles
Help me to deliver my articles to the largest sector of readers… Since I was arrested, I wrote 15 articles. Deliver them to all of your friends’ circle… You may help in translating them and deliver them to all local and foreign newspapers.

2- Demonstrate for me
Join the page “Free Maikel Nabil Sanad” with their stand-ins at Tahrir or in front of the Military Court or Ministry of Defense… Get with you a banner against military trials for civilians and refuse imprisonment in cases of publishing.

3- Write about me
Write about me on your blog and on Facebook. Say your opinion frankly, even if you disagree with me… Keep on writing so that the case won’t die.

4- Mail
You may send post mails supporting me, to someone of the following:
a. Ministry of Defense (Obba Bridge/Kobri El-Obba). Tell the Minister of Defense that you object the ruling against me and ask for the unconditional immediate release for me.
b. Minister of Interior (Lazoghli square). Ask for the improvement of the circumstances of my detention at El-Marg prison.
c. Letters to me to the address of the prison (El-Marg General prison). Those letters give me a big psychological support. However, those letters are read before I receive them and sometimes they don’t give them to me, but the letters make the prison management feel that they ought to treat me better.
d. Letters to me through the page “Free Maikel Nabil Sanad” and those are going to reach me without someone reading them, as well as, I would answer you as soon as the letter reaches me.

5- Talk to journalism about me
Talk to Egyptian and foreign journalists who you know and stimulate them to write on my case.

6- Nominate me to a human rights award: That would make a good pressure in favor of my case.

7- Come to visit me in prison: after co-ordinating with the page “Free Maikel Nabil Sanad”.

I thank again all who are struggling for my freedom and I believe that we are going to celebrate together soon for our country, free of militarists’ suppression.

                                                                          For freedom
                                                                          El-Marg General prison – Qalyubia
                                                                          The Experimental Ward – 18th cell