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Hi everyone,
I am from Egypt. My native language is Modern Egyptian language. I am very interested in linguistics, phonology and languages in general. Primarily, I became interested in them as I was improving my English pronunciation when I was a teenager. I became so mad about International Phonetic Alphabet  because of my interest in linguistics, phonology and languages. IPA is the most accurate method to explain the pronunciation of languages by writing.
In Egypt, the Modern Egyptian language is despised. The same case is for other uncodified modern languages spoken across North Africa and West Asia. In that region, secularism hasn’t been adopted yet. The despise is because of a religious and a political ideology considering modern spoken languages, that resulted from people’s contact, or rather imposition, of Koranic Arabic/Koranic language, as corrupt versions of Koranic language. Islamists, as well as most pan-Arabists dogmatically consider the Koranic language  to be the most sacred language in existence! annihilationBoth of Islamists and pan-Arabists extremely irrationally despise those modern languages, to the extent they are ready to annihilate anyone who wants to codify, use and recognize any of those modern languages.
From the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century, there were urgent calls to simplify and modernize the written language in Egypt by Egyptian intellectuals. Egypt was still a monarchy at then. King Foad I  ordered for the establishment of an academy for Arabic language in Egypt. This lead to the preservation of the status quo of diglossia and the reinforcement of despise for the, to be codified, Modern Egyptian language.

I felt an infinite need to explain how words are pronounced in Modern Egyptian language, as well as knowing how unknown languages to me are pronounced. That was the reason for my madness about IPA.

I decided to use WordPress  instead of, the popular Google  owned, Blogger, because WordPress  respects our choices for which language to display our blogs. Blogger  forces us to see our blogs layout in that Simplified Koranic language, just because of the notion that it is the native language in Egypt and because of the notion that we would understand it more in internet lexicon!

By chance, I found that video for people who want to sing opera in my native language 🙂


2 responses to “About

  1. Jenni 2011-5-24 at 23:21

    Great video and great concept. Keep translating more theater and making it accessible to more people. It’s important work! I’ll be attending a performance of the Magic Flute in June here in Spain and will be thinking of all of you.

  2. Cairoist 2011-6-17 at 20:50

    Hi there, ya Kefaya, ya Punk 🙂

    I’m a researcher working on sociolinguistic situation in Egypt. I’d like to get in touch with you via email if possible.


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