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The Military Judicature… A Song and Dance!

The original article was posted at Free Maikel Nabil Sanad in Arabic

* Some of my friends asked me to write about the statements of Lieutenant “Adel Morsi” the chief of the Military Judicature Body, which was published in Ahram on 1 May, 2011… However, after a while I decided not to make the standard of my writings down to that extent; before I was arrested by days, I was writing an article criticizing in it Shimon Peres the president of the state of Israel and Binjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister. At that period, also, I was publishing sensitive information about the American Central Intelligence Agency, which was the information in which the American Minister of Defense came in a quick visit to Egypt to prevent its circulation… So, why would I occupy my mind with a person who we didn’t hear about before the revolution and is going to disappear from sight forever as soon as the army gets back to its barracks?
* Maybe the only comment I have on the “Adel Morsi” subject is, I laughed out loud while reading it… The man says that the army doesn’t try anyone because of his ideas or opinions, then he said that no one was arrested from his house, then continues the comedy strongly saying that I was tried for my charged “slandering the armed forces and disrupting the public security” even though I was tried for my charge “publishing rumors and insulting the army”… Man, you made me laugh!

Translation in process. Check again later…


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