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Maikel Nabil Writes from Prison: About Bad Intention, I speak

The original article was posted at Free Maikel Nabil Sanad in Arabic and is also posted in English

The military court (and before it, the Military Prosecution and the Military Intelligence) have accused me of deliberately publishing rumors tarnishing the reputation of the military establishment… Then, after that, one of the members of the military council came out stating that I have a bad intention and that I intentionally meant to distort the army reputation… Those statements reminded me of the proverb which says, that if the speaker was sane then the listener is crazy, and vice versa of course. I had a concept about good and bad intention, I think it’s logical, however in the military custom it wasn’t logical.
– In the military custom, when I passed through the medical tests in my recruitment stages, then my heart pressure comes out as 140/90, then 135/45, then I get the title medically qualified **A**  that was a good intention and not intended to endanger my life.
– Also, in the military custom, when my recruitment form was replaced at Asyut recruiting area, to change my heart pressure record from 140/90 to 120/80, that was a good intention and not forgery in official papers.
When the militarist police kidnapped me from my home, past November, without official papers and insulted my in front of my neighbors, all of that was for sure a good intention.
– When the Morale Affairs launched a fierce campaign against me, broadcast on the official state TV, published reports in printed newspapers, the army units and the recruiting areas as well as lectures of the Military Education institute claimed rumors against me of the kind of I am a fag (sexually abnormal/homosexual), an agent and a traitor, all of that won’t be understood except in the framework of good intention.
– When one of the soldiers prevented me from heading to Tahrir square in the 4th of past February, tied me from the back to a tank, then handed me to an Intelligence element he hit me on my face then they handed me to the Intelligence group 75 to hit me and sexually harass me. The next day after my release they moved my father from his work residence. All of that was good intention from the armed forces.
– When I sent to the military prosecutor twice reports against violations of the military establishment against me. He didn’t investigate those reports and instead of that he interrogated me regarding those reports considered as rumors. All of that was a good intention of the armed forces.
When the Intelligence makes an opinion case for me, the officer responsible for my file in the Intelligence is the same one to make the interrogations, he’s the only witness in the case and the judge refuses to get other witnesses. All of that is, also, as a matter of the good intention.
– When the militarist police assaults protesters in the 25th of February, the 8th of March, the 8th of April and other times, attacking Maspero sit-in protestors despite their announcement for ending their protest. Also, when the General H.B. supervises personally the torturing of revolutionaries in the Egyptian museum and when the weapons were tucked to the revolutionaries and be submitted to military trials, as it happened with Amr Abdallah El-Beheiri, also when the virginity test was made for the female protesters who were arrested in Tahrir. All of that for sure is of the good intention of the armed forces.
Dear reader, I think that you realize well that I have a long list of the good-intention behaviors of the armed forces which are long mentioned… But, the aim of of this article is to say to the militarists: If that was the good intention in your philosophy, I’d be happy to have bad intention till death. That’s more honorable and better for me.
                                                                                                Marg General prison


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