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Speaking on Ex-President has Become a Taboo Again!

After hearing about Mohamed Hasanein Heikal interrogation after his interview in the Egyptian newspaper, Ahram, even when he praised the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces, that didn’t intercede with him from informing that Mubarak has about 10 billion dollars.
Now, a chief editor of another newspaper with journalists were interrogated, too, because of publishing news about Mubarak intention to address the Egyptians and to be forgiven.
After knowing about both stories, I can connect the dots and say that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces has the intention to pardon Mubarak, so they didn’t want any information about his inflated illegal earning or any news to enlighten Egyptians about Mubarak’s reality.
Before that we also knew from news that Mubarak threatened that he if he would be interrogated that he holds information which can criminalize some people… It was quite apparent that he meant members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, or specifically the field marshal Tantawi.

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