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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Lest We Forget

The original article was posted at Tahrir Diaries blog; diaries under military rule in Arabic



Date of arrest


Amr Abdallah El-Beheiri

32 years old

Dawn of the 26th of February – Qasr Al-Eini street (Ophthalmic Palace)

5 years in prison – New Valley prison (El-Wadi El-Gedid)

Ahmed Hessein Ibrahim

27 years old

6th of March – Maadi

2 years in prison – Fayyoum prison

Ahmed Gaber Mahmoud, Ahmed Hassan Mohamed, Mohamed Amin Kamal

18 years old

Thursday the 3rd of February – Faisal

5 years in prison – New Valley prison (El-Wadi El-Gedid)

Mohamed Zaghloul Abdel Wakil Metawe`

25 years old

28th of January – Makram Ebeid street

5 years in prison – New Valley prison (El-Wadi El-Gedid)

Abo El-Maati Ahmed Hamed Abo El-Arab

22 years old

3rd of February – Tahrir square – Case 57/2011, Militarist Felonies, East

5 years in prison – New Valley prison (El-Wadi El-Gedid)

Mahmoud Mohamed El-Sayyed

9th of April – Case 426/2011 – Militarist Felonies, East

6 months

Mohamed Adel Ali Fawzi

23 years old

2/2011 Militarist Felonies

5 years in prison – New Valley prison (El-Wadi El-Gedid)

Maikel Nabil Sanad

25 years old

3 years in prison, for an article published on his blog – Marg prison

Also, other thousands of civilians tried militarily

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Maikel Nabil Writes from Prison: About Bad Intention, I speak

The original article was posted at Free Maikel Nabil Sanad in Arabic and is also posted in English

The military court (and before it, the Military Prosecution and the Military Intelligence) have accused me of deliberately publishing rumors tarnishing the reputation of the military establishment… Then, after that, one of the members of the military council came out stating that I have a bad intention and that I intentionally meant to distort the army reputation… Those statements reminded me of the proverb which says, that if the speaker was sane then the listener is crazy, and vice versa of course. I had a concept about good and bad intention, I think it’s logical, however in the military custom it wasn’t logical.
– In the military custom, when I passed through the medical tests in my recruitment stages, then my heart pressure comes out as 140/90, then 135/45, then I get the title medically qualified **A**  that was a good intention and not intended to endanger my life.
– Also, in the military custom, when my recruitment form was replaced at Asyut recruiting area, to change my heart pressure record from 140/90 to 120/80, that was a good intention and not forgery in official papers.
When the militarist police kidnapped me from my home, past November, without official papers and insulted my in front of my neighbors, all of that was for sure a good intention.
– When the Morale Affairs launched a fierce campaign against me, broadcast on the official state TV, published reports in printed newspapers, the army units and the recruiting areas as well as lectures of the Military Education institute claimed rumors against me of the kind of I am a fag (sexually abnormal/homosexual), an agent and a traitor, all of that won’t be understood except in the framework of good intention.
– When one of the soldiers prevented me from heading to Tahrir square in the 4th of past February, tied me from the back to a tank, then handed me to an Intelligence element he hit me on my face then they handed me to the Intelligence group 75 to hit me and sexually harass me. The next day after my release they moved my father from his work residence. All of that was good intention from the armed forces.
– When I sent to the military prosecutor twice reports against violations of the military establishment against me. He didn’t investigate those reports and instead of that he interrogated me regarding those reports considered as rumors. All of that was a good intention of the armed forces.
When the Intelligence makes an opinion case for me, the officer responsible for my file in the Intelligence is the same one to make the interrogations, he’s the only witness in the case and the judge refuses to get other witnesses. All of that is, also, as a matter of the good intention.
– When the militarist police assaults protesters in the 25th of February, the 8th of March, the 8th of April and other times, attacking Maspero sit-in protestors despite their announcement for ending their protest. Also, when the General H.B. supervises personally the torturing of revolutionaries in the Egyptian museum and when the weapons were tucked to the revolutionaries and be submitted to military trials, as it happened with Amr Abdallah El-Beheiri, also when the virginity test was made for the female protesters who were arrested in Tahrir. All of that for sure is of the good intention of the armed forces.
Dear reader, I think that you realize well that I have a long list of the good-intention behaviors of the armed forces which are long mentioned… But, the aim of of this article is to say to the militarists: If that was the good intention in your philosophy, I’d be happy to have bad intention till death. That’s more honorable and better for me.
                                                                                                Marg General prison

Israeli-Palestinian 1967 Borders Infeasibility

The 2-state solution based upon 1967-borders according to Obama speech isn’t feasible, because Israel won’t give away what they spent their lifetime building. Israel can only give away the places which they took by force which didn’t give compensation for. However, in order for our revolutions/uprisings in North Africa & Middle East to succeed we should only focus on our internal problems, because that was the reason enabling us to succeed in making Mubarak & Ben Ali fall. For that unfortunate reason, Obama speech is negative for the region, because it goes with the same direction of deviating North-Africans and Middle-Easterners from their internal problems toward the Israeli-Palestinian case. That deviation proved to be the greatest failure for the whole region!

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Speaking on Ex-President has Become a Taboo Again!

After hearing about Mohamed Hasanein Heikal interrogation after his interview in the Egyptian newspaper, Ahram, even when he praised the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces, that didn’t intercede with him from informing that Mubarak has about 10 billion dollars.
Now, a chief editor of another newspaper with journalists were interrogated, too, because of publishing news about Mubarak intention to address the Egyptians and to be forgiven.
After knowing about both stories, I can connect the dots and say that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces has the intention to pardon Mubarak, so they didn’t want any information about his inflated illegal earning or any news to enlighten Egyptians about Mubarak’s reality.
Before that we also knew from news that Mubarak threatened that he if he would be interrogated that he holds information which can criminalize some people… It was quite apparent that he meant members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, or specifically the field marshal Tantawi.

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Maikel Nabil Writes from Prison: Between Unity and Tolerance – A Plan to Fragment the Egyptian Revolution

Originally published at Free Maikel Nabil Facebook page on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 8:12pm. Also available in Arabic
Why did the revolution succeed in Mubarak’s fall? Simply because everybody joined it – In Tahrir there were liberals, Islamists, pro-peace, anti-Semites, nationalists, Muslims, Christians, Bahais and atheists… All of those lived together for 18 continuous days in the square, accepted each other, lived as one man, no clashes happened between them, all of them raised the Egyptian flag and none of them raised his religious, factious or political slogans – This case of accepting the other and peaceful coexistence between different groups of people made that the revolution strong, solid and unable to be fragmented or split. The thing which in the end lead to force Mubarak to go.

Between Unity and Tolerance
Before I start showing or clarifying the scenario which was implemented during the past three month, we should have a realization between the important distinction between unity and tolerance.
“Unity” is to be the same thing, no difference between us. Copying of each other exactly as the goods coming out of any factory. Each piece looks similar to other pieces exactly, no difference in length, width, weight or anything else.
“Tolerance” is to be different, but can contain the difference, we’re different and working together, realizing differences between us… Here we are different, but we work together hand in hand because we were able to overcome the differences between us.

• The idea of unity between evil in its essence is an impossible idea, because evil didn’t come out of one factory or one machine – they differ in beliefs, so if they agreed with a belief they would differ in doctrine, if they agreed with the doctrine they would disagree in the school of thought and if they agreed with the school of thought they would disagree with the teacher or the thought which they lean to – thus the possibility to get a mass with a big section agreeing in all big and small things is an impossible idea. The reason is the failure of unity projects in history. Hitler attempts failed in purification for genetics of the German people. The pan-Arab attempts failed, as well, because we realize that the people of the region have deep religious, racial and linguistic differences and it was impossible to achieve any type of union between them. For that reason, also the projects of nationalism failed, because humans have different priorities and it’s impossible to unite all the people in one project – maybe for that reason the attempts of merging political parties fail, and for the same reason splittings happen continuously inside the political entities.
• If our revolution was a liberal revolution it would have failed, because only liberals would have participated in it. If our revolution was Islamic it would have failed, because only Islamists would have participated in it. If the revolution was looking for a group a people with unity it would have failed because it wouldn’t have collected enough individuals. For that reason all attempts of the revolution failed in the past years, because each time it was an attempt to color it with a specific political current, one time 6th of April demonstrations, another time an activation for the Muslim Brotherhood, another time a workshop for the liberal current, another time an uprising for judges… Any activation for a current having some kind of a unity had to be weak and won’t achieve results. That what the Egyptian opposition realized last year in the revolution, so the efforts were exerted to form the National Association for Change, despite its disadvantages it didn’t look for unifying ideas and ideologies (it didn’t look for unity) but it looked for overcoming the differences between the political currents (tolerance) and collaboration in one collective work without clashing with the individual differences between the forming entities of the association.
• The same thing was made by the group “We’re All Khaled Said” and before it “My name is Khaled Said” when they intended in their activities to only raise the Egyptian flag and go out to ask for the same political demand, without raising their own political parties’ flags or ideologies – tolerance, overcoming differences and everyone’s collaboration in one work regardless of religious or political difference, the scenery of a Muslim reading Koran near a Christian reading the bible at Alexandria Corniche; a Muslim Brotherhood member hand in hand with a liberal, an atheist near a Salafi – That was the spirit which led to the revolution.
• Also, that case of tolerance led to the success of 1919 revolution, the Christian with the Muslim with the Jewish, the liberal with the communist, the owner of properties with the worker, men with women, old people with children – the more the degree of tolerance you have, the more the number of the ones who differ with you can accommodate, the more you become stronger and more influential.
• Rassd Network did the same thing in its beginning to achieve success. It didn’t announce its ideological identity. It worked neutrally and accommodated everybody despite their differences, so it became the main information source for the Egyptian revolution… However, it didn’t continue on the same approach and started to be prejudiced towards the current which it has some kind of unity with, so its glamor lessened and it started to lose its value.
• Maybe there are many who don’t know the simple distinction between seeking for unity and seeking for tolerance, but we saw the core difference between the two things and how the unity leads to failure while tolerance gains you strength and pushes you to success.

The Fragmentation Plan for the Egyptian Revolution
• First stage, 25th January – 11th February
• Second stage, 11th February – 4th March
• Third stage, 4th March – 21st March

First stage, 28th January – 11th February
The stage of fragmenting the revolution started with the rise of Omar Soliman (the former chief of General Intelligence) to the position of vice president of the republic. He was the one to administrate the the project of fragmenting the revolution until the president stepping down.
• At that stage the pan-Arab current was separated from the body of the revolution. That clearly appeared in more than one behavior between them.
• When the name of Baradei was suggested to negotiate in the name of the revolution, some kind of an agreement happened on his name from liberals, leftists and Islamists. At then, Hamdein Sabbahi appeared and announced that Baradei doesn’t represent him.
• Also, Amr Moussa joined in the separation of the nationalistic current from the revolution when he went to Tahrir and asked the revolutionaries to depart, which created mosses between the revolutionaries and Amr Moussa supporters.
• Some demonstrators joined that separation also, who deliberately raised nationalistic slogans to turn the direction of the revolution towards pan-Arab issues. They used anti-Semitic Nazi slogans, then the Israeli media concentrated on those slogans as the picture of the Egyptian revolution, which put peace activists of Egypt in a big embarrassment because of their being part of the revolution.

The second stage, 11th February – 4th March
The fragmentation plan of the Egyptian revolution needed a sufficient time and the continuation of the revolution with its strength didn’t give the enemies of the revolution their sufficient time to destroy it. The revolution succeeded in the first stages and Mubarak was excluded. Here, the second stage started in fragmenting the revolutionary entity which is the separation of the Egyptian left from the revolution entity.
During the period of 25th January and 11th February, the societal-groups demands were part of the revolution. Workers, farmers and other workers’ groups participated in the revolution. The revolution accommodated their demands and didn’t exclude them or ask them to stop asking for their demands.
After Mubarak’s stepping down, a rumor came out (it didn’t need great cleverness to realize that its source is the same which is responsible for the first one) saying that the societal-groups’ strikes are part of the counter-revolution driven by State Security and that the revolutionaries have to unite on political demands and to delay the societal-groups’ demands (exactly as the black bull decided with the red bull to submit the white bull to the wolf. The revolutionaries fell for the trap and ate the bait and joined the propaganda against the societal-groups’ demands (which was crowned with a law preventing protests). Here I found the Egyptian left itself is besieged by the religious and the secular right from one side (the revolutionaries) and the army from another side (considered as the authority) and between the workers cadre from another side in which the leftist activists can’t abandon… Each time, the revolutionaries took time to make a cessation resisting the societal-groups’ demands; the distance between the revolutionary entity and the Egyptian left became wider… Consequently, at the end of this stage, 2 political currents (the left and the pan-Arabs) became isolated from the rest of the sectors which participated in the revolution.

The third stage, 4th March – 21st March
With the end of the second stage, there wasn’t left an alliance except the Egyptian right (with its civilian fold which is represented by liberals and the religious fold which is represented by the Islamists). What was needed is to fragment that alliance, so the resorting to the deceiving referendum on the constitutional modification came… I think it has become clear to everybody that this referendum didn’t have any legislative goal. The referendum result wasn’t considered later and the constitutional proclamation containing some of the text which was voted on (and it lacked one of the sections which was agreed upon its modification)… So, what was the goal of the voting?
• Everybody noticed the rapprochement which appeared between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood since the beginning of the Committee for the Constitutional Modifications which was headed by Tarek El-Beshri (who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood) which included in its membership Sobhi Saleh the member of the Muslim Brotherhood who represented it in many general meetings after that. Then it was noticed: after that the Muslim Brotherhood advertising campaign which included not a little amount of thanking and praise for the Supreme Council of Armed Forces!!!
• Also, at that stage, the strange alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and the Islamist groups appeared, as well as their promotion for that the ones who refuse the constitutional modifications oppose Islam and are financed from abroad and that voting for yes is a religious obligation…. A huge campaign turned the conflict with the modifications into being religious. That conflict split the alliance between the civilian right and the religious right. Here, the right gone away which searched for an alliance with the left, but the time became shorter than making new alliances after the loss of the advantage of the tolerant revolutionary entity which overcame the internal differences.

What happened later
A few days after the referendum, I was arrested, consequently I became unable to follow the details of what is happening outside the prison but I’m continuing explaining the rest of the scenario (the plan)… However, it won’t get out of the context of that plan. Also, the incident of my arrest which made a split between some of the supporters of my opinions, the anti-militarist and the advocating for peace, as well as, between who differ with my opinion or the seekers for political position and don’t want to make their relation with the military turbid.
Also, in that context comes a scenario receiving the legitimacy from the military. The military council chooses who sits with it and who is being tried before a military court. Thus, it determines who would represent the revolution in front of the media and who would the guided media start snapping his corpse and who would the media represent his ideas.
Also, in that context, the scenario of distracting the political activists by the trap of the law of establishing political parties which asked for an exaggerated number from the party founders (500 founder) in addition to huge sums of money… The normal result would be that all the activists would be busy with the political party bureaucracy to establish a new political party. They have become busy from the revolutionary role needed to continue the rest of the revolution demands. Thus, the revolutionary row has been fragmented into a group of emerging entities which needs big effort and time of the ones who are in charge of it which won’t allow them to continue the rest of the stages of the revolution.

I’ve always believed that I was a writer and my role is to present the analysis for my readers and now after my imprisonment I became unable to participate by any role except that role (despite the high cost I’m paying because of that role).
Now, I don’t have anything but to advise the revolutionaries to know exactly who wants the counter-revolution? Who mobilizes it? Also, to realize that the revolution wasn’t completed yet and that it is improper for us to be divided on ourselves while we are still in the middle of the battle… It’s a call for tolerance, for accepting difference, overcoming the differences and the collective work under the banner of the homeland till we reach the civilian democratic state in which the martyrs died for and the victims were injured, the missing people disappeared, the revolutionaries went to prisons.
Our strength is in our cohesion, our tolerance and our collective work. The future will decide, are we going to win or lose in completing our revolution?

                                                                                Marg Experimental prison – Qalyubia

Marshal Law in Egypt (May 8, 2011)

Text of the Marshal Law in Egypt by Press Service of Interior Ministry on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 4:23am
Marshal law
Article 1
Marshal law could be declared whenever security and public order in the state or in a side of it face danger, or because of the occurrence of armed aggression on it or fear of its imminent happening, or by the cause of internal disturbances.
As well as, Marshal law could be declared to ensure safety of the armed forces and ensure its supplying and protecting its transportation roads and other than that which include with its movements and its militarist activities outside the lands.

The rest could be translated there sometime