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Monthly Archives: April 2011

CNN: Egypt: Military Court Looks in the First “Opinion” Case of a Blogger

Update: Maikel’s military trial was delayed to Sunday, the 10th after the intelligence said its opinion about him and the lawyers replied, as well as some papers will be submitted by lawyers.
(CNN; Dubai, Emirates)– The military court in Egypt continued looking in the first “opinion case” of its kind, criticizing the Egyptian army, which is heading the authority in the country, since the revolution of January 25th, which decided postponing the case to Wednesday session, with expectations of the verdict before the end of the current week.
    Maikel Nabil Sand, the human rights activist and the youth blogger, is facing charges with publishing “false news” and “offending the armed forces” on his personal blog “Son of Ra” (ابن رع), with dropping of another charge in the previous session, that the military prosecution addressed to him, related to “disturbing public security”.
    The Egyptian security arrested the youth blogger at the end of the past month, after he had published a long detailed research on the relation between the army and the people throughout the period of the revolution, titled “The Army and the People Were Never Hand in Hand”. He documented his research with reports published in various media. He’s also the founder of the group “No for Compulsory Military Service” on the social network, “Facebook”.
    It’s expected that Wednesday session the hearing of the pleading defense, according to Mamdouh Nakhla (ممدوح نخلة), the lawyer of the accused, in his statements to Arabic CNN on Tuesday, pointing that it’s expected the the court issues its final decision in the case during Wednesday session or Thursday, for the furthest expectation.
    CNN Arabic wasn’t able to get an official comment from the armed forces side on the case which is considered the first since its assuming power to the country’s affairs, in which a military spokesperson reported that the case is being looked in front of the judicature and it’s impossible to comment on it, stressing on the “integrity” of the military judicature.
    Since Maikel arrest in the 28th of last March and his transmission to the military court, the youth blogger wasn’t able to communicate with anyone of his family members except on the second day, when his father was able to meet him finding him under tightened guarding as if he were a “dangerous terrorist”, as reported by one of his family members in a previous call with CNN Arabic.
    The military court held the first session to start judging Maikel, last Thursday, when it addressed to him charges, including “publishing false news” and “offending the armed forces” while the charge of “disturbing the public security” was dropped, however in a second session, which was dedicated to the “disengagement” of the inventory of the documents of the case, the defense team asked for postponement, to view the papers and the file of the case.
    The defense complained about what it described as evasion from the army side, which one of the lawyers confirmed that “whenever we look for Maikel’s name in the cases’ log we don’t find it and lawyers don’t find it, we were surprised that the trial had started.”
    In previous statements, Mamdouh Nakhla, the lawyer, the head of “Elkelma” foundation for human rights: “The army might have search behind Maikel to make a lesson out of him to other youth.”
    He pointed out that at the beginning of the proceeding, the prosecutor wrote: “In the context of searching of the army for elements which raise strife between the army and the people”, which means that “the army is the one which searched after Maikel, follows him and he was arrested to intimidate other youths”, according to the lawyer.
    Nakhla expressed his expectation for the “issuance of a fast verdict for the case”, pointing out that cases of military courts don’t take more than one week.
    He added that “in case the trial was done in a fair manner, we expect that Maikel receives acquittance, but in the case of the military committee practicing pressure on the court, it would sentence him from one to three years.”
    Sahar Maher (سحر ماهر), the political activist and Maikel’s fellow, pointed out to the existence of a “monitoring” from the army to Maikel’s activity and she stressed on that he is “the first youth to attack the army openly, even before the revolution”, since he had launched the group “No for Compulsory Military Service.”
    The political activist considered in her statements to Arabic CNN, that “all the charges against him (Maikel) are unjustified, they even represent a violation against freedom of expression, since the first thing we asked for in the revolution was freedom.”
    She pointed at there are more than 600 persons “support Maikel’s thought” and asked: “so why aren’t all of them are tried for their support for that thought?”
    Maikel was subjected to arrest from the military police in the 8th of last February, before Mobarak, the ex-president, stepping down, when he held a sign during Liberation square demonstrations, he wrote on it: “civil [state] not militarist and not religious and enough for militarist rule since 52”.
    At that time, other reports pointed that he “was subjected to torture” after his arrest with 7 other supporters of Mohamed Elbaradei, the ex-director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who announced his intention to run for the next presidential elections.

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A Message on Facebook about Maikel Nabil Sanad

An urgent message on Facebook about Maikel Nabil Sanad:
Please publish in all newspapers, it’s necessary.
Maikel was caught on the 28 of March by the intelligence and after he went to the trial on the 29th in the morning, a spray was sprayed on his face so that he won’t concentrate in the trial and mess up while talking.
Maikel is a solitary detainment and not allowed to go out except for an hour per day. He’s also prevented to talk to anyone.
This is a violation against the person’s rights.

The previous message was originally published in Arabic here: