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Maikel Nabil Brother: My Brother Awaits a Military Trial of 18 Years in Hours

17:00 — 29 March, 2011
Written by: Marian Said
Mark Nabil, the brother of Maikel Nabil [Sanad], said in a phone call to “” that he received a call from his brother a while ago telling him that he awaits a military trial not less than 18 years, indicating that the sentence will be issued in 48 hours.
Mark added: that what was published in his brother’s blog is real and he doesn’t make up the events, saying, “the video is real and not fabricated”.
On the other side, Mr. Haitham Mahammadein, “Maikel Nabil” lawyer: the sentence shouldn’t exceed 3 years because he is accused of a misdemeanor and not a felony. He explained that the charge against him is “insulting the military institution, publishing false news about the military institution and threatening the public security.”

It’s worth mentioning that the military police arrested Maikel Nabil yesterday from his home at Ein Shams (عين شمس) neighborhood and he was not given the right to call a lawyer, additionally he is being tried at one of military courts in the Tenth neighborhood area (El-Hay El-Asher الحى العاشر), as well as, he owns the blog “Son of Ra” (ابن رع) and he deals with many of the latest political events raised on the arena in articles. In addition to, he is the leader of “No for the Compulsory Military Service” movement.

The previous article was originally published in Arabic here:


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