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Monthly Archives: March 2011

ANHRI: A Signature Campaign for Stopping the Trial of Maikel Nabil

Maikel Nabil Sanad is represented in front of the military court charged by “insulting the military institution and publishing false news” and “disturbing public security.” It is possible that Maikel face a judge of prison for a period of time extending to 3 years in the martial prison.Free Maikel
We don’t defend Maikel but we defend each freedom of opinion and expression. The opinion is confronted with an opinion and not with imprisonment. No to military trials for civilians.

We request the signature on that request supporting the freedom of opinion and to stop military trials for civilians.

The previous article was originally published in Arabic here:


Maikel Nabil Brother: My Brother Awaits a Military Trial of 18 Years in Hours

17:00 — 29 March, 2011
Written by: Marian Said
Mark Nabil, the brother of Maikel Nabil [Sanad], said in a phone call to “” that he received a call from his brother a while ago telling him that he awaits a military trial not less than 18 years, indicating that the sentence will be issued in 48 hours.
Mark added: that what was published in his brother’s blog is real and he doesn’t make up the events, saying, “the video is real and not fabricated”.
On the other side, Mr. Haitham Mahammadein, “Maikel Nabil” lawyer: the sentence shouldn’t exceed 3 years because he is accused of a misdemeanor and not a felony. He explained that the charge against him is “insulting the military institution, publishing false news about the military institution and threatening the public security.”

It’s worth mentioning that the military police arrested Maikel Nabil yesterday from his home at Ein Shams (عين شمس) neighborhood and he was not given the right to call a lawyer, additionally he is being tried at one of military courts in the Tenth neighborhood area (El-Hay El-Asher الحى العاشر), as well as, he owns the blog “Son of Ra” (ابن رع) and he deals with many of the latest political events raised on the arena in articles. In addition to, he is the leader of “No for the Compulsory Military Service” movement.

The previous article was originally published in Arabic here:

“Maikel Nabil Sanad” the Human Rights Activist was Arrested

CET 12:43:08 – 29/03/2011
Written by: Amani Moussa
Maikel Nabil Sand, the human rights activist, was arrested in the evening of the 28th March, from his home in “Ein Shams” neighborhood (عين شمس). It wasn’t known up till now the reason for his arrest or the accusations he is facing. He is going to be tried in a military court at the Tenth Neighborhood (El-Hay El-Asher الحى العاشر).
It’s worth mentioning that “Sanad” is one of the human rights activists and owns the blog “Son of Ra” (ابن رع) where he deals with many of the latest political events raised on the arena in a number of articles.

The previous article was originally published in Arabic here:

Maikel Nabil Sanad is Facing a Military Trial Tomorrow

Update: Maikel’s military trial was delayed to Sunday, the 10th after the intelligence said its opinion about him and the lawyers replied, as well as some papers will be submitted by lawyers.
Previous update: Maikel’s military trial was delayed to Wednesday, the 6th.
Old update: Maikel’s military trial was delayed to Monday, the 4th of April, so that his article be printed and be looked at.
Older update: Maikel’s military trial was delayed to Sunday, the 3rd of April until the papers of the case and the accusations against him be seen. No one was allowed to attend the trial except his parents, his brother and his lawyer.
Written by: Maged Maher Gabra
Maikel Nabil Sanad was arrested by the military police on the 28th of March, 2011 from his home in Ein Shams (عين شمس). He is an Egyptian blogger and the political activist, and was transferred to a court-martial. Maikel is also a veterinarian who was born in 1985 and he was one of 25 January youth who joined the revolution since its first day. He have always announced his opinions which were against the ex-president, Hosni Mobarak, either on the internet or through his political activity in reality. He is an ex-member of the supreme body of the “Democractic Front” party. He is the founder of “No for the Compulsory Military Service” movement; a movement calling for the pacifist principles and for the reduction of the size of the armies in the world, as well as, solving conflicts by negotiations and not resorting to wars.
He was the first person to conscientiously object the compulsory military service, because of his pacifist beliefs which prevent him from holding a weapon and because of that he was arrested by the Egyptian Military Intelligence for a few days. Then he was given an exemption from the military service.Free Maikel
Lately, he wrote an article observing in it the violations of some of the Egyptian military members and their involvement in the arrest and the torture for some activists and demonstrators in the latest period. Maikel didn’t offer anything new in that article, except that he only collected different links on the internet and the episodes that were already broadcasted on different channels on what happened of violations and put them in one article on his blog:
In Arabic:
In English:
Haitham Mahammadein (هيثم محمدين), the lawyer, attended from Elnadeem center with Maikel for the investigation hearing, on 29th March and the result was: Maikel Nabil Sanad received a 15-day detention pending investigation and he could be transferred to a military court in any moment of these 15 days.
The accusations were: Insulting the military institution and publishing false news about it, as well as disrupting the public security, which is a misdemeanor leading to a punishment up to 3 years in prison. The case was numbered 18 for the year 2011, military misdemeanor.
Maikel Nabil Sanad never made anything more than collecting some published links everywhere on the internet about violations of members of the military institution for the rights of the demonstrators and the protesters in the previous period, in which the human rights organizations indicated for the need to investigate about. In the end, Maikel’s accusation is that he recorded his opinion in an article in his personal blog. The arrest for the blogger, Maikel Nabil Sanad is a serious indication that returns us back to the times when people of opponent opinions are detained, which reminds us with the era of the ex-president, Hosni Mobarak.
Maikel was informed with the military trial date, tomorrow at 10:30 am in the Tenth Neighborhood (El-Hay El-Asher الحى العاشر).

We ask everyone to support Maikel Nabil Sanad by publishing the information to the media and the various human rights organizations as soon as possible and to try to protect him from imprisonment.

That article was originally in Arabic and was posted here:

Facebook pages
Free Maikel Nabil Sanad
We’re all Maikel Nabil because they didn’t stop after Khaled Said
Egyptian pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad arrested for insulting the military

For more information, call: [0020]01270395098

أول مرة أصوت فى حياتى – قولت لأ

أول مرة فى حياتى أصوت.
أنا كنت بشترى كارت موبايل من كوشك قريب من البيت قبل ما أروح أصوت, و صاحب الكوشك كان بيقوللى روح صوت (مع إنى كنت نازل أصلا أصوت), و ورّانى صباعه, فـ كنت متفائل (أحلى إصتباحة). بعدين كنت نسيت أجيب معايا قلم, فـ روحت كوشك تانى فى سكتى, و بردو كان مصوت.
كنت مبسوط جدا لإن المدرسة اللى كنت رايحها كان فيه إقبال عليها.
عارفين, و أنا مقرب من المدرسة كان فيه ناس رايحة جاية و باين عليهم بيصوتو أو رايحين يصوتو, و اللى مستنى فى العربية الناس اللى معاه تصوت.
دخلت اللجنة, و إستنيت فى الطبور (كان فيه أكتر من طبور فى المدرسة).
إديت البطاقة لواحدة من المسئولين جوا تملا البيانات, و أنا كتبت إسمى زى باقى الناس (إمضا). و أفتكر أنا كنت نمرة 179 فى السجل اللى إتكتب إسمى فيه.
الست إدتنى الورقة, إتأكدت من إنها مختومة و ماعليهاش أى علامة. و إتأكدت إنها عايزانا نقول (أنا أرفض) التعديلات, لاحسن نكون بنقول لأ لعدم تغيير الدستور 😀
روحت عالجنب بتاع الستارة, و إستخبيت وراها و كتبت صوتى, و طبّقت الورقة و حطيتها فى صندوق من صناديق الإقتراع.
ملاحظة, إن الستارة كانت محطوطة بشكل صعب جدا إن الناس تدخل تدارا وراها, و ماكانش فى مساحة الواحد يدخل وراها, و معظم اللى قدامى إكتفو بإنهم يروحو فى الجنب بتاعها و يصوتو من غير ما يستخبو وراها.
كان فيه واحد قبلى خارج من اللجنة بعد ما صوت و ماكانش عايز يحط صباعه فى الفوسفور بحجة إن عنده شغل النهارده (مش النهارده أجازة؟), بس واحدة من الستات اللى كانو مراقبين فى اللجنة أصرت على إنه لازم يحط صباعه فى الفوسفور

أنا لاحظت أن مختلف أشكال الناس راحت تصوت. أنا و كل إخواتى و مامتى صوتنا (بس مانزلناش كلنا مع بعض).
بس, مش فاكر حاجة تانية أكتر 😀

Akbar “Zeb” versus “Dick” Cheney

The difference between the civilized world & the Islamic world:

Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney (born January 30, 1941) served as the 46th Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 under George W. Bush. He briefly served as Acting President of the United States on two occasions during which Bush underwent medical procedures.
He began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger, eventually working his way into the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations, where he served the latter as White House Chief of Staff. In 1978, Cheney was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming; he was re-elected five times (regardless of his name), eventually becoming House Minority Whip. Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, holding the position for the majority of Bush’s term. During this time, Cheney oversaw the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, among other actions.
Out of office during the Clinton presidency, Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000.

Miangul Akbar Zeb is a Pakistani diplomat and is currently Pakistan’s high commissioner to Canada.
In February 2010, several blogs reported that Zeb had been denied an ambassadorship in Saudi Arabia because the name “Akbar Zeb” would translate in Arabic to “biggest dick”. In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Zeb described this as a “practical joke someone played on the Internet” and a “hoax story”. The High Commission reported that Zeb’s family name, historically spelled as “Zaib”, means “someone with good countenance”.

So, even if Zeb denied that he was refused, he was refused to work in Saudi Arabia because of his name. Can you believe it? How shallow! While Dick (in his native language & he worked in the US) worked as Vice President, regardless of what his name is.

يعنى ايه عروبة؟

حكام دول الجامعة العربية, بعد ما خلقو الجامعة العربية عشان يتآمرو على شعوبهم و يدعمو و يحمو بعض على حرماننا إننا نعيش بكرامة زى باقى العالم المتقدم, قالولنا إننا عرب و إن لينا خصوصية و اللى ينفع مع العالم المتقدم مايمشيش معانا. و بعد ما آمننا إننا عرب, إبتدت تثور شعوب دول الجامعة العربية, و بعد نجاح شوية مظاهرات فى إسقاط رئيسين, بقو بإستماتة بيحاولو يقنعونا إننا العرب اللى قنعونا إننا كلنا متوحدين بالدين واللغة و الثقافة, إن كل دولة ”عربية“ ليها خصوصيتها و مايصحش نعمم اللى حصل فى تونس و مصر إنه ينفع مع باقى دول الجامعة العربية.