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Something Strange

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One day in an afternoon, before sunset, near a school at a neighborhood. It was in the fall season and the weather was fine.
There was a person; person one, who is in the twenties, was copying some papers at a small bookshop with a copying machine. The bookshop was inside a room in a closed apartment.
While waiting for the papers to be copied, person one walked a little in the street. The street was narrow, with cars parked on a second row on both sides. The street was laid with asphalt, however it was quite muddy with fallen leaves on it.
Person one saw, another person; person two, who is also in the twenties, who was at another small bookshop. After person one having seen person two, person one felt very needy to be introduced to person two.
Person two wanted to buy a notebook, but the seller didn’t have any notebooks, so the seller suggested for person two to buy the notebook from the other bookshop where person one was copying the papers. Person one came back quickly to the first bookshop to buy a notebook, hoping that they would be introduced and talk to each other.
Person one found himself in a very crowded place with people who came to buy. The sun had set, while person one was waiting for the papers to be copied.
After coming back, person one almost forgot about paying for the copied papers and was about to pay only for the notebook. The seller told person one the price was seven pounds. Person one didn’t have money change. Person one paid with a hundred pound note. Person one noticed something strange. The one who was selling in the bookshop was the mother of person one! To be continued.


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