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Problems with Arabic Script

I find difficulty in writing my own native language, Modern Egyptian language. Most Egyptians were taught in public schools. The primary instructive language in public schools is Simplified Koran language, which is written in Arabic script.
Arabic script is very inferior in representing vowels and Egyptian sounds in general. Modern Egyptian language isn’t codified yet, which makes it harder to use in writing.
If I chose to write in Modern Egyptian language, I would prefer to write with as little as possible diglossia. Modern Egyptian language can not be easily represented by Arabic script, so I can not escape using some diacritics, which are usually complicated to read. Not to mention that Arabic script is an Abjad, which makes it not representing of most vowels.
So, I have two options, whether to use Franco, which would force me to use numbers (2, 3, 7) for minimum disambiguating representation for Modern Egyptian language, or to use Arabic script with its inferiority in representing sounds. Using Franco would also be less understood by people who are more literate in Simplified Koran language than any western language, such as English.
A wild idea comes on my mind every now and then, to write Modern Egyptian language using a simplified IPA-based spelling.


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